Links to other Swahili Websites

Section 1


University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign pages related to Swahili or African Studies:

  1. University of Illinois Swahili Proverbs page: Kiswahili Methali
  2. Summer Institute for the Languages of the Muslim Word (SILMW)
  3. Center for African Studies
  4. Swahili movie list on (This is an extensive list of material in Swahili or about East Africa for Swahili students.)

UIUC Library resources:

  1. Africana Film Database
  2. UIUC Library African Studies Internet Portal
  3. Africana Library website

General UIUC sites:

  1. Study Abroad Office
  2. Illinois FLAS fellowships

Swahili Language Resources:

  1. KIKO
  2. The Kamusi Project (dictionary)
  3. (dictionary)

Swahili Music:

  1. East African Tube
  2. Bongo Radio

Swahili Radio:

  1. Voice of America (VOA) News in Swahili from the United States
  2. BBC Swahili News in Swahili from the UK
  3. Deutsche Welle (DW-World) News in Swahili from Germany
  4. Swahili Student Radio from SOAS

East African newspapers in Swahili:

  1. Mwananchi (Tanzanian daily in Swahili)
  2. IPP Media (Swahili and English news from Tanzania)
  3. Tanzania Daima (Tanzanian daily in Swahili)
  4. Raia Mwema (Tanzanian weekly in Swahili)

East African newspapers in English:

  1. The East African (East African news in English)
  2. The Standard (News in English from Kenya)
  3. Daily Nation (News in English from Kenya)

Other educational websites about Swahili:

  1. Swahili at Indiana University and Listening Exercises
    ID and Password: afritalk
  2. Swahili songs and folktales at Indiana University
  3. Swahili at the University of Pennsylvania
  4. Swahili resources at the University of Virginia
  5. Mwambao - Fun Swahili site about superstition, food, riddles, and more
  6. UCLA language materials page (search for 'Swahili')

General Academic Websites for African Languages:

  1. Search African Language Resources through Columbia University
  2. African Languages Program resource page at Indiana University African Studies
  3. African Studies Center at the University of Pennsylvania
  4. ALMA African Language Materials Archive